What You Should Look for in a Facebook Ad Agency

So you’ve decided to partner with a Facebook ad agency. There are more than 2.93 billion monthly active users on Facebook, and you have the opportunity to grow your business cost-effectively by investing in Facebook ads with a Facebook ad agency. 


Given that billions of fish are in Facebook’s sea of users, you’d want to cast your net wisely. With a Facebook ad agency, you can reach the right people and maximize your budget. But how do you choose the right Facebook ad agency? Here are things your business should consider when looking for a Facebook ad agency:


1. Familiarity with similar brands. While there are plenty of excellent agencies, you should choose a Facebook ad agency that is familiar with your industry. If you’re a lifestyle brand that wants to take your social media presence to the next level, you need a Facebook ad agency that can reach your target market effectively.

The best Facebook ad agency for your brand is one that understands your market. That Facebook ad agency should have worked with other companies that have the same target audience as your business. 


2. Case studies and testimonials. Just because a Facebook ad agency has worked with a similar brand doesn’t mean it did its job excellently. If the Facebook ad agency you’re looking to partner with has done a stellar job with its clients, they should be able to show what they’ve done. 

Moreover, its clients should be able to vouch for their quality of services. When reputable brands have given a Facebook ad agency their approval and praise, you know the agency can walk the talk. 


3. Flexible contracts. Sometimes, the ways of working of a particular Facebook ad agency don’t mesh well with your company. You’re simply not compatible. However, you might not get a clean break because you’re stuck with that Facebook ad agency for a year or at least six months. 

A reputable Facebook ad agency would give you the option for a clean breakup if needed. That company should be confident enough in its capabilities to allow you to walk away without shouldering hefty fees. 


4. Advanced technology. One of the key differences between entrusting your Facebook ads to a Facebook ad agency as opposed to an intern or influencer is the technology tools that the agency possesses. Let’s face it. The free analytics tools on Facebook can be challenging to understand. A Facebook ad agency makes things simple for you. 

When a Facebook ad agency presents its services to your company, it should provide you with a clear picture of the reports you can expect. These reports demonstrate how effective your ad campaigns are. You may not always get things right, but at least you have something to base on to ensure you make the right decisions moving forward. 


If you’re looking for a Facebook ad agency to take your social media ads to greater heights, you should partner with Marque Media. We’ve worked with dozens of lifestyle brands to transform their social media ad efforts. 


We can help you smash your goals and find the people (a.k.a potential customers) you’re looking for. Contact us to revolutionize your Facebook ads today.

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